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Fantom TK3360/NX320 Two Pin Pro Series Speaker Microphone

K1 2Pin Connector for Kenwood Radios

"Professional Series.IP56 Waterproof Compliant, Compact Size, Strong Strain Relief, Ruggedized Cable, Excellent Sound Quality, 3.5mm Earpiece Port, Swivel Clothing Clip, 2-Year Warranty"

For Kenwood Radio TK208, TK220, TK240, TK240D, TK248, TK250, TK260, TK260G, TK270, TK270G, TK308, TK320, TK340, TK340D, TK348, TK350, TK353, TK360, TK360G, TK370, TK370G, TK372G, TK373, TK430, TK431, TK2100(ProTalk), TK2102(ProPower) TK2130(ProTalk XLS), TK2160, TK2170, TK2200, TK2202, TK2212, TK2300, TK2360, TK3100(ProTalk) TK3101(FreeTalk XL), TK3102(ProPower) TK3130(ProTalk XLS), TK3131 (FreeTalk XLS), TK3160, TK3170, TK3173, TK3200, TK3201, TK3202, TK3212, TK3230, TK3300, TK3360, NX220, NX320

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